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Boosting Children positive mindset, New Book – Self-Roar: My First Super Affirmation Book, Now Available

March 20, 2020 – Philosopher, and educator, Jennifer Cardona proudly announces the release of her new children’s book, Self Roar: my first super affirmation book. Available to over seven languages, the new picture book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and comes as the first self-talk book created to help children boost their self-esteem and grow a healthy mindset.

Inspired by her past, Jennifer Cardona strives to help the kids in this generation and beyond develop a positive attitude and a healthy mindset, which will encourage them to cope better with the damaging effects of cyber-bullying and other forms of bullying tearing apart so many kids. The book will help reinforce self-care and self-love in children, thereby helping them build a strong emotional and psychological foundation for future success.

“I am glad to see my latest book, Self Roar: My First Super Affirmation Book, now available for children all over the world. We need to go a step beyond providing kids with access to gadgets and so much information, we need to provide them with healthy self-esteem and let them know how wonderful and beautiful they are. A child with healthy self-esteem will likely deal with failure better and stand firm in the face of life’s scorching challenges,” says Jennifer Cardona.

She says further, “I dedicated about six months to bring this book to live, and I am glad to see how much impact it will make in the next generation. The book is a first of its kind, and every parent should get one for their kids; this is a kind of gift I wished all children and students have access to.”

To place an order, visit the Amazon and Barnes & Noble Page or

Self-Roar is the first illustrated book that explains the importance of self-talk to kids in a didactic and fun way. The new book will help kids have a better relationship with themselves and others to live in harmony, happy and active. 

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Jennifer Cardona was born in the same place like the Nobel winner of literature, Gabriel García Márquez, Colombia. She attended a nun school and graduated from a catholic university. Jennifer Cardona can speak up to four languages and presently lives in France. She loves designing and developing materials to help keep students engaged. 

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